Cover artwork: Teardrinker painting

Against Leviathan, Against the Corruption of Reason!

Unknown Subject, 2022-12-22, EP.

  1. Thanatos and the World Spirit
  2. A New Leviathan
  3. Eläköön anarkia ja veriset vaatteet!
  4. C9H18O6
  5. Possessed by a Horned God

Written in January & February, recorded in September, mixed in October and mastered in November 2021.

Drums & vocals recorded by Tuomas Kokko at Electric Fox Studios. Guitars & bass recorded by Iiro Illman. Mixed by Tuomas Kokko. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers.

Art direction, logo & design by Marko Taali. Teardrinker painting by Tommi Niukkanen. Photographs by Anne Kalliola. Textures by Matt Gruber and GraphicsFuel. Possessed choirs by Ville Willman.

Produced by Häkkinen & Illman.

  • Timo Häkkinen: drums
  • Iiro Illman: guitar
  • JP Rintamäki: guitar
  • Kalle Pennanen: vocals, bass

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